Kitty Kompany Professional Pet Sitting Services



We are so pleased to have been invited into so many homes to care for your pets.   We have fallen in love many times over with numerous fur-clients, and we look forward to meeting more fur-friends in the future.  My name is Kristin Schumacher and I am the owner/operator of Kitty Kompany Professional Pet Sitting Services.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about how lucky I am to be able to pet a cat, walk a dog, feed a fish, or talk to a bird for a living.  It is a dream come true.  If you would like to read more about me click here.

We currently care for over 2000 fur kids, (some feathered and finned as well), and are thrilled to have over 800 households that are regular clients.  Last year alone we did over 4500 visits.

As the owner of Kitty Kompany I feel it is most important to give back to the community.  As a result I have spent several years working with rescues based in British Columbia and abroad.  I currently sit on the board of directors with Action for Animals in Distress Society.  Instead of working on the front lines, I tend to work behind the headlines, and tackle such jobs such as shutting down puppy and kitten mills, getting rid of the sale of pets from stores, and from flea markets, and working with MP's and MLA's on our very archaic laws in Canada.  If anyone is interested in helping in these areas, we can use all the help we can get. 

Being an avid traveler and pet lover I know the value and peace of mind that comes with having a professional care for your pets.  Finding that quality professional can be a challenge.  Kitty Kompany has always adhered to the standards of Excellence which as been established in the Professional Pet Sitting Industry.  All staff is bonded and insured, criminal background checks complete and pet first aid trained.  We are the only pet sitting company in the lower mainland that is fully accredited with the BBB, and are proud of our A+ rating since 2005.

When we come to care for your pet, we also look out for your home as well.  We have dealt with floods, break and enters, police, and even gas leaks where we have had to remove the animals as quickly as possible.  We stay on site after securing the animals and do whatever we need to do to secure your premises.  Your pets are our number one priority, but we would never leave something like a leaking ceiling or a broken window unattended.  We are there for more than your pets, we also are there for the security of your home.

Proud to be

Douglas College Entrepreneur of the year 2006

and Top Service Award winner for 2006