When was Kitty Kompany established?

Kitty Kompany was started in September of 2002.  I have always had a problem in the past locating quality reliable pet sitters to care for my senior cats, one of which required insulin injections.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the Douglas College Self Employment Program and combine my love of pets with my strong business background to be able to spend my work time doing what I love most; spending time with animals. 

What areas of the city does Kitty Kompany Service?

We currently service the following areas: New Westminster, all areas of Burnaby, portions of Coquitlam, Port Moody, North Surrey, and North Delta.  If you don't see your city listed, we do not service that area. 

Does Kitty Kompany only take care of cats?

No...we take care of ALMOST all types of pets.  Everything from cats and dogs, to exotic birds and pocket pets.  We do have some limitations when it comes to large exotic cats, such as Servals and Savanahs. With dogs we base our decision to take on a client on how well trained the dog is, and of course how well socialized they are.  We do not take care of exotic reptiles such as pythons or boas, however we have been known to take care of the occasional gecko or stick bug. Chinchilla, hamsters, mice, and rats are all welcome. 

Will your company visit our pets every other day?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  We are firm on this.  Especially when dealing with animals such as cats.  A cat can seem in 100% good health one day and be critical the next and need to get to a vet immediately.  We have seen it happen.  Please do not call or e-mail us expecting us to visit every other day or even once or twice a week. 

Can Kitty Kompany provide us with references. 

Yes we can, also please feel free to read through our testimonials.  We are proud of our business, and the work we do.  We are happy to supply you with phone numbers to other clients so you can talk freely with them about our services. 

How much does the initial consultation cost?

The initial consultation is no charge, however...if we have to return to pick up keys there is a fee for key pick up.  At the time of the consultation we require both keys and payment in full up front.  If you do not have a date, but rather are trying to find a sitter that may suit you for the future, we are happy to come and do a consultation with you.  With no dates booked, we do require a payment that equals one pet sit.   This will then be credited against your account when you do firm up your travel plans. 

How long does the consultation take?

Consultations can take between 45 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes.  It depends how complex the care of your pet is.  For example if there are many instructions that we need to follow due to training, illness, or medicating. 

Is there a contract and do I have to resign a new one each time I go away?

Yes there is a contract, along with a veterinary release form.  All contracts have been drawn up by a lawyer, and need to be gone through very thoroughly.   As a result we are able to let the "contract" roll from one visit to the next, thereby making it unnecessary for you to fill out a new contract each time you go away.  HOWEVER it is your responsibility to inform us in advance of any changes to feeding or if there are suddenly medications involved with your pet's care.  You will also need to leave your emergency contact information on the table for us each time you go away so we can contact you.  Please make sure that if you are leaving us hotel phone numbers that they are indeed for the hotel itself and not the reservation line. 

When do I provide with you keys to my home?

Keys are to be supplied on the day of the consultation.  If our staff has to return to pick them up there is a $30 fee to do so. 

How do I know that my keys are safe in your possession?

All keys are tagged and coded with only your pet's names.  They are then stored in lock boxes until such time they are needed.  Contract will only be carried with us when we are visiting your home, and we always bring them with them into the house, so they will not be vulnerable being left in a vehicle. 

Can you pick up the keys from friends or neighbors? Or can you drop them off in our mailbox or through the mail slot?

No, keys must be handed to us directly.  To maintain the security of your home keys are never to be left for pick up under front door mats, in mail boxes etc.  The same goes for returning keys. 

Do my pets have to have their vaccinations?

All dogs must be current with vaccinations, as well as any cats that have been outdoors in the past 24 months.  Strictly indoor cats do not require vaccinations.  Remember, we are no different than your local vet, we can carry in a flea on our clothing just by walking across the lawn.  We cannot be held responsible should this occur. 

Will you care for aggressive pets? 

It is always best to be open and honest with your pet sitter so we know what to expect.  Typically we will not take care of an aggressive dog, especially if there has been incidents of biting in the past.  We will however walk a dog that is comfortable with a muzzle.  We do follow by laws for certain dogs in the different municipalities.  We are typically able to take care of aggressive cats, and even birds, however, the owner MUST disclose the issues with us so we can care for them in the proper manner without becoming injured ourselves, and for that matter stressing out your pet. 

Does my dog have to be on a leash at all times?  Do you take dogs to off leash parks? 

Yes, we pride ourselves in walking your dog one on one privately...in your own area.  Thereby having to avoid the issue of transporting the dogs.  All dogs are walked on leash, and we will walk up to 2 dogs per home at one time.  We do not visit any off leash parks, and will not if we are asked to.  We want your dog to stay safe, and have a fun walk with one of our people. 

Do you require a deposit for services?  What about refunds?

All services are paid in full up front at the time of the consultation.  For future pet sits, the client must leave a cheque or valid Visa/Mastercard number for us to use on the 1st day that we attend to your pet at your home.  Dog walking clients will be invoiced at the beginning of each month.  Should there be a cancellation with dog walking we will credit your account for the following month.  We MUST HAVE 1 WEEK'S notice for refunds for pet sitting that is booked.  At that point we will refund 50% of your payment.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS DURING PEAK PERIODS.  This being Christmas from December 15 - Jan 6 and July and August each year. 

How can I pay you?

Cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

What happens if my pet becomes ill while I'm away?

You will fill out a Veterinary Release form which is the document we must take with us to the vet.  On this form you must indicate how much money you are allowing us to spend on the care of your pet.  We will make every effort to get in touch with you, however, in most cases it is very difficult, because you are, after all on vacation.  Pets will only be taken to the vet if it is deemed an emergency.  We are not veterinarians or vet techs, but we have been in this business for a long time and know the difference between a seriously ill pet and one that has a nervous tummy or a fur ball.  We will always attempt to get in touch with you if someone at your home is ill.

Is Kitty Kompany bonded and insured?   What about criminal background checks?

Everyone who works for Kitty Kompany has had to have a criminal background check done before they start working with us.  All of our sitters are also fully bonded and insured.   We are proud to be fully accredited with the Vancouver Lower Mainland BBB and currently carry an A+ rating since 2005.  Visit their site for more information

Is there an additional charge for medications?

Yes there is an additional charge for all medications.   Even those that are crushed and put in food because we have to remain at your home until we are sure that your pet has eaten the medication, and no other pet has gotten into it, or that they have had their required dosage.  The added price depends on the type of medication we are required to administer.  It should be noted that Kitty Kompany and it's staff are not veterinarians or vet techs, so it is imperative that we have very solid instructions regarding the typical medication administration in your home.  Should your pet's medications increase, decrease or desist it is your responsibility to notify us in upcoming visits what the change to the medication is. 

How much notice does Kitty Kompany require for booking? 

Depending on the time of year we require a minimum of 2 weeks if you are an existing client.  Anything less than 72 hours notice will require a late booking fee because we typically have to rearrange schedules in order to fit you in.  We do experience cancellations at times, so if there is a need always call and see if we can fit you in.  Our peak seasons revolve around long weekends, July/August, and of course the Christmas holiday season. 

Is there an additional charge for stat holidays? 

All statutory holidays are charged time and half except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's which are booked at double time.

If I require you to be at my home at a certain time of day is there an additional charge?

Yes, if you ask us to be at your home at 2 p.m, (for example), there is an additional charge of $15.  This charge is because we try our best to service our customers in a timely fashion and as close as possible to the same time on each day.  If another client comes in and asks for a specific time then we have to change our entire service route.  Remember we are not hobby sitters, and often have a full slate of bookings in a day, often working split shifts to get to everyone required.  If we need to do another sit in the middle of the day, then we are driving clear across the city 3 times in the day and it all factors into our costs. 

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