My Buster Boy
January 28/2008

"Adoption photo that came across my desk, I tried to find him a home but no one wanted a cat that wasn't perfect.  Here he only weighed 4.5 lbs." 

It's been 347 days since my Buster passed away.  Gasping for air in a kennel at the critical care unit.  I only had him in my life for less than two years.  It's taken me this long to begin to write a tribute to him; and still my eyes fill with tears.  I'm not so sure what it was about him that captured my heart.  I told everyone when I brought him home he would break my heart and indeed he did.  It was about a week after the Katrina cat rescue I assisted with along side Action for Animals.  I was emotionally drained, and asked to take a bit of a sabbatical.  The charity president asked me if I would be willing to phone left over applicants to see if they would take cats that were local seeing as we had placed all of the victims of Katrina.  She sent photos...she never sends photos...and there was Buster.  Of course he didn't have a name then, he was just a tough little fighter of sorts found by someone around Kingsway and Victoria.  And although she had terrible allergies she still took him into her home and kept him in the basement where it was warm and fed him.  We had to place him quickly though.  So I sent out his photos.  He was missing a front canine that made him sneer like Elvis, his hind legs didn't work so good, as he couldn't jump up on things, obviously had been kicked or hit by a car, and he had a crooked tail, not to mention he was unbearably thin.  His backbone stuck out like a skeleton.  After a few attempts with perspective pet parents, and being turned down flat, I knew he had to join my family.  I'm always the one to fight for the underdog.  I don't think there was a day that went by that I didn't look at him, and wonder what had happened to him in his little life, what type of trauma he had been through, and was I really able to make him happy.  The first thing he did when he came to my home was empty the toy basket and fall asleep amongst all of the toys.  I cried when I saw that.  He was sickly, hyperthyroidism to start with, then an episode with aspirating in the car where he nearly died, congestive heart failure, and finally something so very wrong that he would have attacks where he couldn't breathe and would have to go on oxygen.  One day, he never came back from his attack.  This little one had more than nine lives.  Although I'm grateful that he touched mine, I miss him so, and I mourn his loss each day.  How someone could have been so cruel to such a loving kitty.  Such a small cat with such a large presence.  A cat that would sit at my desk and literally say "Humph" when he felt he wasn't getting enough attention.  Well Buster, I was right, you did break my heart, but it was worth it knowing you, loving you.  I will never forget you and you will always be with me.  I like to think that you are watching over us right now.  Below is a quote that my mom sent me on the day that Buster was euthanized.  She didn't know he would be that day, it was a coincidence, or was it?  Also is a photo of him sleeping on his tissue paper, and his toys.....the things he loved best.  Breathe easy at the rainbow bridge my boy....until we meet again. 


"Have courage for the great sorrows of life,

and patience for the small ones. When you 

have laboriously accomplished your daily 

tasks, go to sleep in peace, God is awake. 

                                                       Victor Hugo

Today we said goodbye to our dear friend Mystique.  Our lives will never be the same without her.  She filled Richard's life with so much love and enjoyment.  May she run freely at the rainbow bridge without pain, or sorrow.  Chase butterflies, and breathe freely, roll in fresh meadows and meet up with old friends.  Until we meet again my little one you will be fiercely missed by both your Daddy and I.  We love you to depths unknown as you loved us


August 12 2010

In loving memory of a beautiful soul, Newmee our hearts will be heavy for a very long time.

Even blind she could find her sunbeam.  She was our ray of sunshine.  I will never give another treat again without thinking of her.  May St. Gertrude and St Frances watch over you my sweet girl.  Mya your sight be returned and may you be always able to bask in the sunbeams and have special treats at the rainbow bridge.  Newmee passed peacefully in her sleep in her little bed on June 21st much to the surprise of her meowmy and doctors.  It was such a blow. God Speed little one.  I will see you soon. 


June 21/2011

I don't know that there has ever been a cat so widely loved than Clover.  She left us almost five months ago, and it's only now that I can write this for her.  In honor of her.  For all she stood for.  To some she was ugly, to most she was beautiful.  She was the "it" girl and very fashionable with her tutus.  She had a difficult start in life being found in a back lane with a huge wound on her face at the age of 4 weeks old.  Thankfully bystanders rushed her to the local vet, where everyone believed in her.  She grew into herself with grace and dignity.  She became the clinic cat and counseled and consoled others.  She came to live with me at the age of 10 when Dr. Lim sold his clinic and moved to the Phillipines.  He didn't want to risk anything happening to her.  I was honored to have her come to my home.  She taught so much to so many....was loved by so many facebook friends and anyone who met her fell in love instantly.  I shared her with the world.  Sometimes I get angry with myself for that, because I wish I would have held her close and kept her all mine.  But that was not what Clover was all about.  She was put on this earth to teach that being different is okay, and that animals can overcome huge disabilities just like a human can.   Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, and all the pawprints she left on my heart.  God Speed my beautiful girl...until we meet again. 

H.R.H Princess Clover

October 2/2000 - June 26 2014

In Loving Memory

Ted E. Bear

Jan 22/2002 - June 3rd/2017

My Einstein, otherwise known as Einy or Einy Bear left us in the early morning of March 5/2019.  You could tell he didn't want to go, he clung to me at the vets office.  He was so sick, so cold, and he didn't want to leave my side.  He was my protector.  He could tell before the door even opened whether it was my keys coming in the lock or his paw paw's.  If it was mine, he would race down the stairs and be waiting for me, even with his aging arthritic old legs.  He was my cat....all the way.  He slept encircled in my arms for most of his life.  I cannot sleep well now that he is not here.  A big stuffed bunny has taken his place but it is no where near the same.

I will always miss hearing the thunk of his front paws hitting the floor when he was running downstairs to meet me. 

Einstein started having health problems almost the moment his best friend Ted E. Bear passed on June 3rd/16.  Pancreatitis, IBD and kidney issues began to plague him.  He had almost a year and a half of vet visits and good days, and bad days.  You see, he loved Ted E. Bear and they were so bonded, that other than when I was cuddling with him, you would find the two of them together washing each other's faces and in a major love fest...sometimes that lead to some rough housing.  But they loved each other.  I knew that Einstein's health would fail when Ted E. Bear would leave us.  We were blessed to have a year and a half with him. 

 Ted E. Bear

Ted E. Bear and Einstein cuddles.  I hope they have found each other at the bridge.

When Buster developed a heart condition, his toes and ears were so cold.  The vets said it wouldn't help to put a sweater on him to warm his torso...but I did.  And he liked it.  He wore it when I was at home, and the only problems he ever had was Ted E. Bear thinking he was a different colored cat living in our house and there would be the occasional tussle. 

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Apr 1/02-Mar 5/19

Ted E. Bear should have been the poster cat for the "adopt don't shop" campaign.  Found with 47 other male cats to starve to death in their rudimentary cages, with no litter boxes, food or water, they had been abandoned by the breeder.  Left their to die a slow agonizing death.  The breeder had fled and only took the queens with her and she found they had more value.  This little guy was one of 47 that were rescued in 2002.  Several rescue groups arriving in Squamish to take them to shelters.  He spent from August until January in the linen closet.  He was rarely seen, unless you happened to see that high speed streak across the floor to the linen closet if a human happened to sneak in and flick on the light.

It took 6 months for him to come out from under my bed.  At night however, as long as my feet were in my bed he would come and sleep along my stomach enjoying pets and tummy rubs. He loved being loved, he was just too afraid to let either of us get too close.  It took almost 8 years when suddenly one day Richard walked passed him and not thinking ran his hand down his back and he didn't run away.  We were both shocked.  Or maybe all three of us were. 

Slowly over time, he definitely became his Paw Paw's cat.  Sleeping on his tummy during long nights on the computer. 

Ted E. had this huge meow he developed about a year before he passed.  And then suddenly one day he opened his mouth and only a squeek came out.  We took him to the vet, but they assured us it was nothing and that cats can develop laryngitis.  Within a month we were rushing him to the emergency clinic.  He had become listless and had stopped eating, which of course was his favorite pass time.  The writing was on the wall when he would rather hide in his scratch post than cuddle with Einstein, and no amount of treat bag rattling would entice him out.  In the end we found out he had a rare disease.  Frozen vocal cords.  Usually they can tie them back, but the one was so brittle they were concerned it would break off, and they found a tumour in and behind that one.  We had no choice, he came home and stayed with us for 3 more days, when we had the kind hearted Dr. Rashidi come to our home to send out boy on his way.  He was so very sick...we didn't have a choice. 

He was the best playmate for Solomon and cuddler with Einstein.  Solomon still walks around the house meowing very loudly looking for him, and it's been almost 2 years.  A psychic has told us that he sees Ted E. often and sometimes they play. Then when Ted E. disappears into a cloud of vapor, Solomon can't understand.  He has been in touch with me, if you believe in those kind of things.  I do....these vivid dreams that come sometimes where you swear you can feel their fur under your fingertips. 

He was my beautiful blue eyes, and silky thick coat...and he will be missed, and is missed forever more.


a.k.a. "Jester"

October 15/1982 - April 22/2004


As I sit here writing this, I cannot believe that my best friend and companion of twenty one and a half years is no longer with me.  It is with great pain, tears, fondness and love that I write this memorial.  I brought Jesse home one cold snowy October Saskatchewan day when I was only 18.  She was born in a barn on the farm my Mom and Dad were living on at the time.  She lived with me for over half my life and longer than I lived with my own family.  She brought joy to my life as a kitten, and even more as an adult.  As the family matriarch she kept everyone in line.  Katie, (her niece), Jenny, Ted E. Bear, and Einstein all bowed to her.  Einstein would try to rile her up, and up until a couple of months ago she could still pin him to the floor, even though he was twice her weight.  Jesse's favorite thing in the world to do was to eat.  She would eat anything, anytime, anywhere, and she would always join Richard and I at the dinner table.  She would have her own chair and wear Richard down until he would give her a tidbit.  Needless to say at 21 she was allowed to eat whatever her little heart desired.  One of her most memorable traits is how she would pick up one of my socks and  carry it around the house.  She would make this muffled "merrrrowing" sound as she came to show me what she had.  She was still doing this until a week or so before her death. 

On April 22nd at approximately 7:30 p.m. I had to help my girl, my Jester, pass over to the rainbow bridge.  Saying good bye to her has been the hardest thing I have ever done.  She was riddled with arthritis, to the point the vets didn't know how she was walking anymore, had the beginning stages of renal failure, and then sadly succumbed to heart failure, being only able to breathe with the assistance of oxygen.  It was the only decision I could make, but why, if it was the right decision does it have to hurt so much?  

I love you Jess, and this shall never change.  


Jenny Dusty Doodlebug

a.k.a. Jen Jen the Wonder Cat.


January 24th/2003

Jenny came into our lives late one evening, only a few days after my Katie had passed.  We could hear a cat meowing for a few days near Richard's house, but couldn't see her.  We thought she was a feral kitty and would run away when we got close.  But one Tuesday night, when a friend showed up at Richard's the meowing had gotten more frantic.  It was that night that Richard rescued Jenny. She was trapped under the house next door, starving and abandoned.    Due to Richard's roommate's allergies, Jenny had to come and live with me while we searched for her owners.  We searched and searched to no avail.  I was 'instructed ' not to name her during this time period, as I would get too attached.  Not that 'somebody' didn't already nick name her Dusty.  So I proceeded to call her Jenny Generic.  Well, it stuck.  Doodlebug comes from my vet that cared for Katie.  She always called Katie, Doodles.  After she died I said I would name my next kitty, Doodles. Jenny turned out to be a wonderful kitty.  Always the lap cat, much to Jesse, (my older cat's), disgust.  We spent endless hours of cross stitching together.  Her chasing the thread as I drew it through or snoozing peacefully on my lap. Jenny was a pet therapy kitty at the Royal City Manor.  Her favorite humans being Birdie and Norman.  She enjoyed riding around in her bag and visiting everyone.   Jenny was an amazing athlete, her record being 17 summersaults in row.  That's where the Wonder Cat comes in. Jenny crossed the rainbow bridge after only 1 year, 11 months and 1 day together.  She is sadly missed.  She succumbed to cancer at 8:45 a.m. January 24th/2003.  God Speed my Jenny Girl.  I love you! 


a.k.a. Katiekins, Kate-o-later.

February 14th/ 2002 

April 1983 - February 12th/2001

Katie was my inspiration for getting into the pet sitting business.  After 5 years of dealing with feline diabetes she passed away quietly just before her 18th birthday.  She taught me everything there is to know about diabetes...and it's because of her I'm able to help other sugar kitties. I still believe she is with me in some small way everyday.  She continues to be, and always will be, sadly missed.