Ted E. Bear had a rough start to his life.  Kept in a cage for the first two years only to be used for breeding.  He never left his cage unless it was to mate with a female.  One day the woman that ran this terrible kitten mill picked up all the queens, (females), and left 47 males behind to starve to death.  Fortunately some children found them when playing in her backyard.  He only had a cage big enough to turn in circles in, no litter tray nothing.  To this day he still spins in circles when he gets upset.  How can humanity do this to living feeling breathing creatures.  It has taken him years to trust us.  And even now if we have to give him medicine is like WWF wrestling here, and let me tell you he can run like the wind.  But he's our beautiful boy, and after 12 long years he finally let's Richard pet him and even sits on his lap.  Now that a warm and fuzzy happy ending. 


Einstein and his favorite mousey out in their enclosed area on the balcony.  He is quite well known for running auctions on Facebook to raise money for animal rescue.  Oh and he has also mentioned that I should say that he is single.  He is the most mischevious cuddly cat I have known, and curious about everything.  He is my cuddle bunny, but would never admit it.  And definitely has that persistent curiosity that so many cats have.  He is a typical ginger cat getting into trouble whenever you turn around...I love every minute of it....okay maybe not when he eats the roses my Richard brings for me...but other than that I can turn a blind eye. 

I am currently owned and trained by three male cats.  The three musketeers...they all love each other, and sometimes it's just a big love fest around here.  Einstein is typically the one by my side the most, and since the passing of our female Clover a few months ago Solomon is at Richard's side most of the time.  That leaves Ted E. Bear who sort of just hangs out.  But if one of us is watching a movie on the couch...that is HIS territory.  All have been adopted...and they are loved to bits.  The are all insured through Trupanion.  Lucky thing too, because Ted E. Bear has terrible allergies that lead to large lesions on his face.  Einstein being as curious as he is, can go on the occasional temper tantrum, jealousy rants, if paw paw spends too much time with meowmy....and likes to pee on paw paw's bed.  And then there is our ever vocal but angelic Solomon.  And I love them all...I wouldn't have it any other way....except I desperately feel the need for another female in the household.

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No matter his age Solomon, (aka Sollie) will always be my baby boy.  He is very clever, and loves to be groomed.  As a matter of fact he goes for his annual lion cut each spring, and he saunters around here like he is far to sexy for his fur. (or the lack of it once he's had his trim).  Solomon found me late one night, doing what I'm doing now, working on my web site.  Well past midnight I heard this quiet little meow coming from my enclosure that I had on the balcony of my fifth floor apartment.  He couldn't have been anymore than 10 weeks old.  I tried to find his home, but no one was looking for him.  I was determined, that he would go to the shelter where I knew we would find him a good home, but the day came, and he so wanted to stay with me that he jumped in the shower with me and sat there looking up with pleading eyes.  Well, putty in my hands....he has never left our home since. And before you ask, I have no idea how he managed to "break in" to the enclosure to get to me.