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No matter his age Solomon, (aka Sollie) will always be my baby boy.  He is very clever, and loves to be groomed.  As a matter of fact he goes for his annual lion cut each spring, and he saunters around here like he is far to sexy for his fur. (or the lack of it once he's had his trim).  Solomon found me late one night, doing what I'm doing now, working on my web site.  Well past midnight I heard this quiet little meow coming from my enclosure that I had on the balcony of my fifth floor apartment.  He couldn't have been anymore than 10 weeks old.  I tried to find his home, but no one was looking for him.  I was determined, that he would go to the shelter where I knew we would find him a good home, but the day came, and he so wanted to stay with me that he jumped in the shower with me and sat there looking up with pleading eyes.  Well, putty in my hands....he has never left our home since. And before you ask, I have no idea how he managed to "break in" to the enclosure to get to me.

Solomon is an only cat now, and he hasn't really cottoned to it yet.  He misses Ted E. Bear terribly and howls around the house at all times, day or night.  We have tried everything to comfort him and nothing has worked yet.  The vets say he is healthy otherwise, (knock on wood), but he is just very lost without his friend.  Perhaps we will be able to afford to bring a new friend home for him sometime soon.  He has had five siblings leave him over the years, to be an only cat would be a little lonely for him, even though he is a bit of a snob!  :)

He is one beautiful spoiled boy, and he knows it!!