After 12 successful years, it is time for 

Kitty Kompany Professional Pet Sitting Services to expand. 

Could this be the right job for you?  

Please read carefully through the criteria that we require for a professional sitter to come on board with us.  It may seem like a simple job but there is a lot that goes into it day to day, things that most people don't even think about. 

1) All candidates must have a bigger than large love of animals.  This is not a get rich type of job.  This is casual labor, and a way to spend time with fur friends.  Many of my contractors have had the same clients for years, and it is like they have become part of their own family.  It's an enjoyable way to subsidize your income.  The more you work, the more you make, it's a simple as that. 

2) All candidates much be able to provide Kitty Kompany with a clean criminal background check. 

3) Everyone must have a reliable vehicle, that will be good in all weather, and will be willing to drive virtually anywhere for a job.  Yes this means crossing bridges.  If you don't like too cross a bridge, this job is not for you.  All subs are put into their own territory but there are times and emergencies that we may have to ask you to go outside your territory.  A valid driver's license is a must.  You would be required to put business insurance on your car which is a very small premium, (approx $25 additional per year depending on your vehicle.)

4) We are looking for people that are willing to work with all types of animals.  If there is type of animal you would prefer not to work with please indicate that in your hand written cover letter when you apply.  This will not effect your chances of becoming part of our team. 

5) We are also seeking people that are willing to do overnight pet sits, (where you go to someone's home), private daily dog walking and also if interested some boarding.  Once again, please indicate in your cover letter what types of work you are willing to do.  (Check out www.kittykompany.com to see the services we offer). 

6) Some of the areas we are moving into will require you to have a back up.  Often this could be a spouse, or an adult child or friend that might want to cover for you.  We simply cannot move into a new area with only one sitter, if there is no one to back up the original pet sitter.  Sometimes we will get more than one great applicant so you need not worry about it, but if we do not, then you will be asked if you know of someone else that is willing to be trained to work as a Professional Pet Sitter.

7) Organizational skills, and the ability to work on your own is a must.  Prior work history does not demand that you have done this type of work before, however, you must be able to organize and keep track of billing, keys and of course the dates of your sits with all of your clients. 

8)  All bookings come through the Kitty Kompany office, and all advertising is done through here.  At times, we may get together as a group and visit all the vet clinics in the area to get the word out there that we are still here, and we are looking for business.  In those new territories this is a must.  If you want the work, go and get it.  Some of the areas literally do not have anyone servicing them so there is work to be had. 

9)  And lastly, Kitty Kompany likes to be able to give back to the community, so there may come times when you are asked if you can help volunteer in emergency situations with pets and their people or with shelters.  We typically do this as a group depending on the situation, and only once or twice per year.

***Keep in mind that we require people to work for us, when everyone else is away.  So..that means, holidays, long weekends, Christmas and of course summer.  We ask that people make their own holiday plans around the slower seasons. 

If you feel you fit the above points, and it all still sound interesting to you, and fun of course, please mail us a hand written cover letter along with your resume.  Don't worry if your resume is not top notch, I'm not worried about that, I'm more interested in who you are, not what your resume looks like.  You can also e-mail your hand written cover letter and your resume to kristin@kittykompany.com.  As this is our busy season NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.  

What areas are available?

New Westminster/Coquitlam 2 people required

North Burnaby

East Vancouver

Port Coquitlam

Pitt Meadows


Surrey Guildford area

White Rock


For the right person I am also looking for an assistant that has a passion for this business as I do.  After working with for a while, this is something that we could discuss if you were interested.  As I said before the more you work, the more work there is.  

I look forward to hearing from you,

Chief Nanny Kristin

Kitty Kompany Professional Pet Sitting Services