Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to write a testimonial! Your comments are greatly appreciated!

We were so nervous to leave our girls Bella & Thea for the first time but as soon as we met you and saw how friendly & thorough you were our fears quickly disappeared. We really appreciated the mid vacation email update, just knowing that the girls were doing well helped us to relax and enjoy our trip.  When we returned home they were the same happy girls we left and the reportcard you so carefully crafted describing your visits with them and their antics left us chuckling. We look forward to using your services again and again with no reservations and are looking forward to our next trip.
Thanks so much Kristin for being such a loving “Critter Nanny” to our little Divas  

Terry Caedmon, Bella & Thea
We are so extremely happy with Kitty Kompany!!!! From the first moment we met with Kristen, I knew my kitties would be well taken care of when we headed out of town. Everything from the personalized pet report cards, which confirms  the attentiveness of Kristen and her gang to our very kitty behavior, to the overall contentment of our kitties when we return home, we know we are very blessed to have found such a great service!!
PS. I absolutely love your kitty report cards. You describe the behavior of Kiwi, Spike and Baby to a "T" that only true cat lover would notice. They always make me smile, as I can picture in my head exactly what you are talking about....Spike head butting you, Kiwi stretched out in the sun, and baby loving her whiskers scratched!

Kelly and Vince Harberg, Port Moody, B.C.

A big “thank you” to Janice for taking such great care of Chloe while I was away on holidays.  This was my first time using Kitty Kompany, or any professional pet sitting service, and I was very impressed by their professionalism and thoroughness.  Janice even left me a “report card” letting me know how Chloe did each day.  I was able to fully relax and enjoy my vacation knowing that Chloe was in great hands!  I’d recommend Kitty Kompany to anyone looking for a pet sitter.
Brandi P., Burnaby BC
Hi Kristin –

I just wanted to pass along thanks for the great service, we received this past week, with Karen as our dog walker. This was our first experience using a dog walking service and I can  say it was a fantastic experience all around. Everyone was very professional, questions were answered quickly and arrangements were made and kept. Karen’s wonderful disposition made her a quick favorite with our dog Wasabi and we won’t hesitate to use Kitty Kompany in the future. I’ve spent the past week speaking your praises to fellow pet owners. Thanks again& great job.

Wasabi’s Human Sheila, Port Moody

I can't remember how long we have been leaving our cat Marley in Kristin's capable hands when we're away from home, but it's been several years.  Kitty Kompany's pet sitting service is much better than leaving your furball at the vet, because s/he can stay in a familiar setting and maintain his/her usual routine.  Marley tends to be skittish around people who aren't us, but she adores Nanny K!  Kristin and her helpersoften go beyond the basics in their care of Marley; among other things,they have provided tons of pats, online photos, cleanups of hairball barfs and dead mice, and even catnip gifts.  Plus, when Marley's humans are traveling, it gives them major peace of mind to know that a reliable person will be coming to the house every day to water plants, bring in the mail and papers, and make sure everything's OK.  Kitty Kompany rocks!

Carmen, and Veronique, New Westminster, B.C.  

Hi Kristin,

This is a LONG overdue thank you. You cat sat (or what we like to call Jack sat) for us at the beginning ofJuly 08 for a week.   I had heard about Kitty Kompany from a local pet shop and had looked at your website.  I made the choice to get a professional company rather than use a family member or friend because although people offer to do it, it's a chore and they are then obligated. I had contacted you and our first conversation was quite lengthy. Another conversation had you being interviewed by my 8 yr old son to insure that you were the right person to care for our dear Jack. You came and visited, met Jack ... again interviewed (read interrogated) by son and spent a good lot of time getting to know Jack and our family.  While we were gone you were great with me checking in.   It wasreally hot out and you did everything in your power to keep him cool and comfortable.  You gave him the nickname "destroyer cat" as apparently he was opening a cupboard and getting on the counter.   This was a new trick but the nickname has stuck.  I just have to say I think of you often and SO appreciated the amount of time, love and effort you put in to caring for Jack(ie). I would not hesitate booking you again or refer your services.

Wishing you all the best,
Jack's family

Lisa, Jeff, Kyle and Christopher, New Westminster

Kristin took care of our two cats while we went away for over two weeks this summer, and I am so happy she did! Her services were professional and its obvious that she really cares for the animals she takes care of. We came home to happy cats and a detailed report card that immediately gave us feedback on how the cats had been. Thanks so much Kristin. We will definitely be using your services again!

Ann and Rod and the kitties - Max and Munchkin

Hi Kristin,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the dog-walking service provided by Deanne Maloney.  She was polite and attentive when we met,and Kelly responded well to her.  Deanne took care of Kelly while I was at work, left me a note just to let me know everything was fine and even left a Report Card and Award on the last day with a present for Kelly!  In addition, when my schedule changed unpredictably on the last day, which meant I needed to stay at work longer than usual, Deanne stepped in and took Kelly for an evening walk as well that day.

Joanne Ballantyne, New Westminster
Hi Kristin
I want to thank you for taking such a good care of my two babies. I have been very busy  but I never forget that thanks to you I was able to enjoy my vacations being sure that Maxi and Nicola were in good hands. All of us are looking forward to see you again.


Maxi, Nicola and Mom. New Westminster

I just want to thank you for your service.  I was away for over 2 weeks and felt completely confident about leaving both of my cats in your care.  I will definitely use Kitty Kompany again when I am away.  I recommend your service to any pet owner who is wary of having someone come in and take care of their pets.  Thank you for everything.

Debra, Burnaby

Why do I trust Kristin and Karen to look after my cat? Two reasons: because it[doesn’t bother them that  he’s a tad on the idiosyncratic and demanding side,and because I know that when I return home from a trip, I will be greeted by a well-groomed, happy, and stress-free cat.

Many thanks,

Cheryl, New Westminster

 Hi Janice and Kristin,
We just came back from a trip and we're happy to see our 2 cats, Victoria & Meisha  looking cool and relaxed. Their report cards are so
informative and amusing!  We were so surprised to learn that the very shy Meisha greeted Janice. It's our very first time to leave the furry kids but we were not worried at all because we knew Janice will take good care of them. We're looking forward to using Kitty Kompany's service very soon.

Karl & Andrea, Burnaby

Hi Kristin,

Just wanted to let you know that we're back at home and had a great time in Las Vegas. It was stress-free knowing that our fur-babies were being visited by Janice, someone who loves cats as much as we do.  When we returned we were thrilled to find the report card, the diary, some photos of our guys and even  a  wedding card from the cats!  It was so cute and made us smile.  We had never used a pet sitting service before but will now recommend your service to everyone going away.  When we got back we could see two of our cats relaxing on the balcony.  I'm certain that all our furbabies remained relatively stress free throughout our absence because they were able to remain in their home and because they had a loving visitor every day to shower them with attention.

Thank you again!  You guys are awesome.  Please be sure to send my thanks on to Janice. She was great!

Christina Clarke, Burnaby B.C.

I recently left my furbaby, Cali, in the capable hands of Fiona (aka "The British Nanny") and what a wonderful success.  It was Cali's first time being left with just daily visits instead of overnight and she really seemed happier with that.  It was great to come home to a relaxed and happy cat - thanks Fiona (and a big meow from Cali as well).

Erica Moore,  Port Moody
Kristin, we've been with you since the beginning and I am so thankful that we have you to trust with Hugo and Ella while we're away.  Thank you for all your wonderful advice, charming report cards and attentive care...

Seanna and David - fur parents of Hugo and Ella the big grey cats

I have used Kitty Kompany and have been very happy with the house sitters and the professional management. If my clients need a house sitter I refer them to Kristin without hesitation.
Thanks everyone for providing such loving attention to my creatures!

Brenda Smith, Catcierge, Club Cat Hotel

We have two older cats and a young Bengal that can be quite a handful.  We were away for a week and are very happy to say thank you so much.  Our little angels were not at all stressed out on our return and were very happy and healthy.  The service you offer is very professional and we will have absolutely no problem recommending your services. Thanks again!
 Jackie and Jon - Coquitlam

Kristin and Karen have both taken care great care of my two kittens, Marvin and Basie. I didn't worry about them at all while we were on vacation. I knew that they were well taken care of and were getting lots of attention.

 We had Karen take care of them for a few days and liked their services so much, Kristin took care of them again for 2 weeks.Thanks Kristin and Karen! We are looking forward to using your service again in the near future.

Renee Sauve, Burnaby B.C.  

We can't say enough about how wonderful it is to have Kristin, Karen and Angela looking after our doggie, Jack.  Jack came to us from the Surrey SPCA, he is a chow-retriever cross with chow chow great looks and a lovely retriever personality.  He did not do well in the SPCA and we wanted to insure that he would feel  loved and cared for in our home.  Part of that was to have him walked several times a week while we are at work. We tried two other companies and were very happy with one when the owner decided to take a different career path.  We asked our vet to recommend anothercompany and they told us about Kitty Kompany.  From the moment we met Kristin we knew that we had made the right choice.  The service was professional and all about the Jack dog!  Just what we wanted.  We know that we've made the right choice when our doggie nearly comes out of his skin when one of the dog walkers comes to take him out. He is so happy to see them - that is the only testimonial we needed about the service.We love to come home and read how the daily walk was and what our Jack did today.

We are now leaving New Westminster and our biggest fear was that Kitty Kompany would not have someone in White Rock to be a walker for Jack.  We were so happy to learn that we can continue to provide our doggie with the loving care that he has always known and that we appreciate so much with Kitty Kompany. Thank you Kristin and team for being the best pals our Jack could have. You have made such a positive impact on all of us.

 Patti & Rick Russell and Jack!  

I would recommend Kristin and Kitty Kompany to anyone!  She is a magnificent person with a HUGE heart.  I was referred to her by my Veterinarian when I inquired about boarding my cat Chester.  He's very shy and tends to get extremely stressed out whenever he has to leave the comfort of our house.  The Vet told me about the wonderful service done by Kitty Kompany and felt it would be the BEST route to take in regards to the well-being of my boy.
I have used Kitty Kompany twice in the last month and both times returned home to a content, comfortable kitty.  I cannot stress enough what a great feeling it is to be on vacation and know that Chester is receiving the BEST care possible!!!  Thank you Kristin and Kitty Kompany for taking such good care of Chester!!!!

Marcy and Chester, Burnaby B.C.

Kristin had her first chinchilla-sitting experience with us and I can't say enough how happy and impressed we were with her services.  Even though she had never taken care of chinchillas before, she embraced the challenge and showed great interest in learning how to care for our pets properly.

From her friendly disposition on the phone and at the "meet n greet to her interest in learning more about chinchilla habits, care and health, Kristin truly went above and beyond to make our time away from home a lot less stressful for both our pets and us. Her passion for animals shows in everything she does and says.  I knew my pets were in good hands the moment Kristin came to our home for the "meet n greet" and started telling me about the pets she cared for with a twinkle in her eye and a personal story for each one.

Kristin cared for Jigsaw and Calypso for 11 days and both girls took to her quite fast considering how shy they are around strangers.  We were delighted to speak to her half way through our trip and learn that both girls would let her pet them and accepted treats - a big sign of trust when it comes to our furballs.  Her diligence in following our care instructions was also very impressive!

We came home to two very healthy and happy chinchillas and a very detailed report of their antics.  This was the most stress-free vacation we had taken since we got pets. I would not hesitate to recommend Kitty Kompany to other pet owners and will surely become a repeat customer!

Sophie, Tim, Jigsaw & Calypso, Burnaby B.C.

I recently had my grandmother pass away.  I had to leave Vancouver the next day to get to Regina.  I had spoken with Angela once before when I became a client, but had not yet used her services.  I called her that night and she said it would be no problem for her to start the next day.  What a relief for me.  I have to say though, I had never been away from my cats since I had adopted them (over a year), so I was understandably worried.

My first day in Regina, Angela called me to give me an update on my girls (Ihave 3 cats).  I think she must have sensed how worried about them I was.  I felt immense relief after I spoke to her and heard that my girls were fine.

When I arrived home a few days later, I was shocked at what I had found Angela had left for me.  In my fridge were some cat food samples, as well as a couple of catnip toys for my angels.  On my fridge was a 2005 calendar with pictures of all 3 of my cats!!!! There was a card on the counter signed by my girls telling me they missed me and they were happy I was home.  Finally there was a 5 page diary on Angela's visits.  She documented each day and how each cat was doing and the activities they participated in etc.  Angela  also made observations, like she had thought one cat in particular really missed me because she was so cuddly for Angela (which is out of character for her).  This letter was so awesome, frankly it made me cry.

 I will absolutely use Kitty Kompany (ie. ANGELA!) again.  The obvious care my cats received, and Angela's thoughtful consideration of my
 concerns were above and beyond what I had expected.  Thank you so much.

  Neesa Stein, Delta, B.C.

After our concern in finding someone to give our "sugar kitty" her shots kept us from traveling for over a year, we were finally lucky enough to find Kristin's website on the internet. I knew from reading the website that she had exactly the experience that would make us feel comfortable leaving our 13 year old diabetic cat in her care. Murphy is the center of our world, and a very shy and nervous cat, so we knew we needed someone special to look after her. Kristin is definitely that person! She completely understands all kitties, but particularly "special needs" ones. Our nervous girl is completely relaxed after a visit from Kristin, which makes it much easier for us to go away.
That first weekend trip was a nerve racking one for us, but the report card helped a lot, with all the details about what Murphy was up to while we were away. Kristin is very detailed and extremely attentive, and has made some excellent suggestions about how we can improve life for Murphy. Please don't tell her about the heated cat bed, Kristin, or she'll definitely want one!!

Many, many thanks,

  Anne, Steve and Murphy,  Burnaby

Kristin has looked after our rowdy group several times, and has always provided exemplary service.  From the very first "getting to know you" meeting, we knew she would be reliable, professional and friendly.  Whether  she is minding our "difficult" cat, Gambit, or endearing herself to our other three sweethearts, she's the best pet sitter anyone could hope for.  We wouldn't even consider going elsewhere!

  Kristin, Cary and The Gang, Burnaby

Thank You to Kitty Kompan for looking after out two kitties Jack  & Bindi. What a greatrelief to know you were here looking after them while we were away.  Such a great service!!  Thank You so much!!!!!!

Anne Gregory, Port Moody  

Kitty Kompany is more than just vacations.  I first contacted Kristin because I usually have a special needs cat and wanted to be able to go away the occasional weekend. I discovered that diabetics, hypothyroids,and just plain cranky, they don't faze her.  And my cats were happy.  And there's more... my dogs developed special needs.  I had an 8 hr job and a dog with a 4 hour bladder.  One call, it was all arranged.  It's like having an emergency  assistant.  And it's handled so professionally.  Thank you Kristin.


Karen Ronka and fur-kids, Burnaby B.C.

We would like to let the rabbit owners out there know that Kristin is terrific with bunnies too! Not many people know much about rabbit care but Kristin has
taken the time and energy to get to know  our "guy" and understands how to look after him. As Caramel is a house bunny, he is never caged and is accustomed to lots of human interaction. He is very wary of strangers but Kristin won him over in no time. We can always go away confident that Kristin will keep him happy and healthy until we return.

Barb Ringham, Port Moody

Kristin from Kitty Kompany is absolutely amazing!!!  We had noticed the painted Kitty Kompany vehicle in front of our apartment complex and Ithought "maybe I should check this out".  Going on vacation was always so worrisome for us, our Riley and Onyx were always sooooo stressed and upset with going to the double wide condo kennel we would rent for them.  It would even take them a week after our return to settle down and get back to normal.  Riley has severe stomach problems and when he is stressed they intensify-causing Mommy to worry even more. The minute Kristin came over to meet the babies I felt comfortable - she is a true cat lover and totally understands their needs and intricacies.  Her intent for detail in understanding their routines and personalities was so refreshing.  And Riley's health problems didn't phase her one bit!  Riley loved her immediately and Onyx who usually hides from strangers came to checkher out, and nodded in approval.  Riley is extremely needy (very attached to his Mommy) and Kristin took the time to pamper, cuddle  and love him.  Onyx is quite high-strung and even let Kristin take her picture. When we arrived home, we were amazed that both Riley and Onyx were soooooo content and relaxed - we couldn't believe it, it was like we had only been gone a few hours.  What a blessing!!!  Kristin's report card was a bonus, such an added touch of love as well as the "purr" welcome home card and pictures.  We would highly recommend Kristin's loving care - I know our kitties adored her and she has brought us such peace of mind knowing that they will be in her care whenever we are absent. 

P.S.  Riley and Onyx loved their new toys too!

Tina and Dick Vanier, New Westminster

Kristin has been looking after the lovely Ms. Judy for over a year now.  I travel a great deal so Kristin sees Judy quite often.  Kristin has taken the time to learn what Judy likes to do and where.  I know Judy knows and accepts her.  I love the little notes I get when I return home that fill me in on what has gone on with Judy while I have been away.  I think Judy gets excellent, loving care from Kristin and the two of us are glad we found her.
Carole Cameron and Judy, Burnaby  
After reading some of the testimonials it is obvious that Kristin is really good with kitties.  However, I'm writing to say that she is also wonderful with dogs.  She has been walking our miniature poodle 'Sparky' daily, since I broke my foot a little over two months ago.  She is very personable and friendly and obviously loves animals.  Both Sparky and I think she is great. She tries her best to accommodate us with the timing of the walks; she asked about and takes care to reinforce my training methods; she makes sure Sparky gets plenty of exercise and socialization; and best of all Sparky is always happy and excited to see her.  In fact, it’s hard to tell who enjoys the walks more...Sparky or Kristin:-
 Thanks a lot Kristin...arf! arf!

 Colleen Mulligan and Sparky - New Westminster
Hi to all Pet owners I have just used the service of Kitty Kompany and I can not express how happy I was with the service. I have 2 tabbies that mean the world to me but I also have  huge family commitments around the province as well as I love to travel. I have just moved to New West and have no family or friends in my new town to look after my 2 boy's. So I called Kristin and she  came to meet us and the boys, especially Parker, fell in love with Kristin right away. It made my week away from them very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Kitty Kompany to all pet owners.  

Wendy, Cathy (Parker & Hunter),New Westminster
 P.S. The boys send kitty kisses to Nanny Kristin

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